Create beautiful fine-art images


Create beautiful fine-art images...faster


The Fine-Art Photoshop Action Set

by But Natural Photography

This set includes the following actions:

  • Skin and Background glow action
  • Background blur action
  • Sun burst action
  • Dodge and burn action
  • Sharpen eyes action
  • Rosy Baby Cheeks Action
  • High End skin softening action
  • Simple sharpening action
  • Detailed smart sharpening action

I originally created these to simplify my own editing,

...and now you can create beautiful fine art images within less than 10 minutes using this set too! 

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Fine-Art Photoshop Action Set


Photoshop Action Set
+ Instructional Video


NOTE: This action set is currently included as a bonus inside my Fine-Art Editing Collection

So if you are looking for mentoring in editing as well, be sure to check that out!

Take your image from good to AMAZING

If we haven't met yet, I'm Sujata of But Natural Photography. 

Five years ago I picked up the camera - but quickly discovered there was more to photography than gear and taking images. 

After years of self-doubt and frustration with my work, that's when I started to work on the VOICE, the SOUL of my art.

I started to make sure that every image I created, said something. Made my audiences feel something… and that in turn, became my identity.

Art with a soul. Art with its own voice.

And now I want to pass on the soul, the voice of my art to you.

Fine-Art Photoshop Action Set


Photoshop Action Set
+ Instructional Video


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