Here is how I decided what to charge for my very first photoshoot

I wish there was someone to tell me what I should charge for a photoshoot when I started my career 7-years-ago. It was literally my biggest roadblock to actually starting my photography business

Because every time I would come up with a price for a photoshoot, I would be worried that what if I am asking for too much money? How will I get clients? Am I worthy of charing this sum?

And then when I would come down to a very basic price point I would think to myself if it was even worth spending time away from my 7-month-old daughter for that pittance of an amount. 

You know... there really is no correct answer to how much should you charge for your photography services. So, what I am going to do here today is explain my thought process to you for coming up with my price structure.

I started my photography business in London in 2014. Well you can say I am based in Kent (not London exactly.) Here were some of my key thinking points.

1. Scope of Work: I first...

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Here is a Free newborn wrapping video tutorial for you

I remember when I started newborn photography 7-years-ago, my biggest nightmare was that when I will hold a baby in my arms, they will start to cry and I will not know how to stay calm myself. 

And I can tell you... this happened several times over in my earliest newborn baby photoshoots. Until, when I realised that babies feel more comfortable when they are all snuggled up and wrapped like they are still in their mother's womb and that's by far the very first trick in the books that you need to learn to ace your newborn baby photoshoot.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that if you are a new mother and are looking for calming techniques for your babies for those times when you don't really understand why they are crying. For those days when you say "I have fed them. They have pooed. They have slept well. What else?" Those are the days maybe when a little wrapping/ swaddling them up for just five to ten minutes could help calm their baby nerves. 

So here is a quick and...

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