Here is how you can get your very first photography clients

Are you new to photography and are wondering how you should get your first photoshoot clients? For Free!! I mean who wants to spend on Facebook ads / instagram ads/ google SEM to get clients when you haven't even earned a dime from your business. Correct?!!!

So here's my story and here's how I got my very first clients.

I literally stumbled upon photography by chance. Moved to the UK after marriage; was jobless for 5 years and then my daughter was born. It felt like the only thing that ever gave me joy was to take pictures of her. I would post those pictures on Facebook and friends would comment saying how wonderful my images were. 

Literally that appreciation is all that encouraged me to start my photography business. But when I started, I had not a clue how I could get my very first photography clients. So here's what I did. 

  • Friends and Family: Remember that your friends and family members will be your very first clients. So I stopped going to...
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