New to photography and wondering what camera and lens to buy?

This world of family, newborn and maternity photography can be truly daunting. 

7 years ago when I started off I had no one to guide me. And here were some of my biggest worries:

1. What camera gear should I buy?

2. How do I get my first clients?

3. What should I charge?

4. When I book a shoot what kind of preparation should I ask the clients to do?

5. What props to buy?

6. Do I need a photography client contract?

7. Do I need an insurance cover for my photography business?

8. Will I be able to make a proper living out of photography? 

9. Do I need to pay for marketing my photography business?

10. Do I need to learn photography, attend classes or workshops?

Do any of these questions sound like what is exactly resonating in your mind? if yes, then read on.

Let's cover the most important question in this post. 

What camera gear should I buy?

That is one question that haunted me for very long. Camera gear is expensive and it is so difficult to understand all the...

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