Here is how I decided what to charge for my very first photoshoot

I wish there was someone to tell me what I should charge for a photoshoot when I started my career 7-years-ago. It was literally my biggest roadblock to actually starting my photography business

Because every time I would come up with a price for a photoshoot, I would be worried that what if I am asking for too much money? How will I get clients? Am I worthy of charing this sum?

And then when I would come down to a very basic price point I would think to myself if it was even worth spending time away from my 7-month-old daughter for that pittance of an amount. 

You know... there really is no correct answer to how much should you charge for your photography services. So, what I am going to do here today is explain my thought process to you for coming up with my price structure.

I started my photography business in London in 2014. Well you can say I am based in Kent (not London exactly.) Here were some of my key thinking points.

1. Scope of Work: I first...

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