How to remove colour cast and unwanted objects from photos in Photoshop

So, many a time we go out to shoot with children in an outdoor location hoping everything will go well. But when you are doing a photoshoot outdoors, whether and natural light can often play tricks and to top it all, children may not be in the right mood for the session. In such variable conditions we often do not realise but our most promising shot could end up having a colour cast or even some unwanted objects in the image, because we were so focused on getting the emotion right.

Often I hear photographers say they had to end up sending one of their best shots to the recycle bin, because they could not remove the green colour cast on it or even could not remove the unwanted grass covering the face of the subject.

I have done it so many times myself in the past. Before, of course, I chanced upon this simple workflow to fix the colours in my images and also remove unwanted objects.

What I am going to show you in this post is to make your images workable yet again with the...

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