Fine-Art Editing Tutorial:
Young Girl with Goat

This is a brilliant in-depth tutorial which will teach you both elements of portrait and storytelling photography using both hand-edits and actions.

You'll learn how I make the skin tones soft and warm. How I pop the eyes of the subjects. Also, in this tutorial you will learn how I bring in branches and bokeh to get rid of all the clutter in the frame and how I give loads of volume to the subject’s hair.

Added to this, you will see me use dodging and burning here to give contouring to the face of the subject and turn a simple image into an art piece... a painting.

Tutorial Length: 30 minutes

You'll also get access to our private Facebook community to ask questions and share your work for feedback.

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If we haven't met yet, I'm Sujata of But Natural Photography. 

Five years ago I picked up the camera - but quickly discovered there was more to photography than gear and taking images. 

After years of self-doubt and frustration with my work, that's when I started to work on the VOICE, the SOUL of my art.

I started to make sure that every image I created, said something. Made my audiences feel something… and that in turn, became my identity.

Art with a soul. Art with its own voice.

And now I want to pass on the soul, the voice of my art to you.

Note: This editing tutorial is included inside my complete Fine-Art Editing Collection (which also includes my Fine-Art Action Set). If you are looking for the full editing series, click here.

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