Here is a Free newborn wrapping video tutorial for you

Sep 29, 2021

I remember when I started newborn photography 7-years-ago, my biggest nightmare was that when I will hold a baby in my arms, they will start to cry and I will not know how to stay calm myself. 

And I can tell you... this happened several times over in my earliest newborn baby photoshoots. Until, when I realised that babies feel more comfortable when they are all snuggled up and wrapped like they are still in their mother's womb and that's by far the very first trick in the books that you need to learn to ace your newborn baby photoshoot.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that if you are a new mother and are looking for calming techniques for your babies for those times when you don't really understand why they are crying. For those days when you say "I have fed them. They have pooed. They have slept well. What else?" Those are the days maybe when a little wrapping/ swaddling them up for just five to ten minutes could help calm their baby nerves. 

So here is a quick and simple newborn baby wrapping video tutorial that I recoded during one of my photoshoots of a 21 day old baby. 

Have a look. And feel free to reach out to me if you need any advice or help at [email protected]


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